Smith A. Nationalism and Modernism

Smith A. Nationalism and Modernism

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In light of remarkable resurgence in the last two decades, how do we explain the continuing power of nationalism today? Why do so many people remain attached to their nations? Are nations and nationalism recent phenomena, or cab we trace their roots far back in history?These are some of the questions addressed in Anthony Smith’s thought-provoking analysis of approaches and theories of nation and nationalism. In the first part of his survey, Smith explores the varieties of ‘modernism’, the current orthodoxy in the field, concentrating on the work of such seminal figures as Gellner, Nairn, Giddens, Breuilly, Anderson and Hobsbawm. In the second part he presents the critics of modernism and their alternatives, from the primordialisms of van den Berghe and Geertz to the ethno-symbolisc of Armstrong and Smith, as well as the contributions of, among others, Seton-Watson and other.

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